Special Events

Lizz Russell invited her close friends who are celebrated fashion stylists, makeup artists and hairstylists from film and television to join her in donating their award winning services, including a professional fashion photographer for a GBS-CIDP patient advocacy makeover sessions, RENEW. They revamped the look of survivors from San Diego and around the world who are registered at the GBS-CIDP Symposium. The “RENEW” session offered a warm and friendly ambiance of peace and rejuvenation to a couple of dozen patients and their caregivers who requested a makeover. This project was held at the GBS-CIDP Symposium San Diego in 2018 at the Hilton Hotel at Mission Bay.

Lizz Russell is the Liaison & Patient Advocate for the GBS-CIDP San Diego Chapter. Lizz and her friends said, ”since the GBS-CIDP symposium came to our hometown of San Diego, we especially wanted to do a good job for all who choose to participate in our make-over session.”

Fabulous gift bags from RENEW by Lizz Russell & Friends were given to the patients who choose to attend this very special event. Visit our website for profiles of Lizz Russell & Friends at http://www.lizzrussell.com.

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International Fashion Designer 
GBS-CIDP Liaison &
Patient Advocate
Entrepreneur, Author, Consultant